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Get in queue for the beta to take back control of your personal data today...

How can we ever trust again?

Cryptastic will encrypt and shatter the shards of your data anonymously across your contact network.

Censorship and centralized control is obliterated. 


How can I keep whats mine?

Cryptastic will federate vital information anonymously among your friends and family using split polynomial cryptographic keys to ensure you the ability to recover what's yours in the event of a disaster.

Dependence on device custody is eliminated.


What is the price of such liberty?

Cryptastic is both FREE (as in free beer) and FREE as in freedom. Cryptastic will pay you while the app uses your devices processors, electricity, network, and storage in the background to protect you.

You earn credit while you work, sleep, and play.


Queue for the beta...

Code of the People, by the People, for the People...

...a constitutionally correct open source distributed software technology shelf.

let peace_of_mind = piece_of_mined();